World Wide Web

Sometimes we interchangeably use the term internet and world wide web or simply the web, as it is popularly known as. But web is only one of the several the utilities that internet provides. Some of the popular service that internet provides other then web is e-mail, usenet, messaging service, FTP, etc. The web use HTTP protocol to communicate over internet and to exchange information. The web was developed at CERN (Europeen de Reserches Nucleaires), Switzerland) by a UK scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. It consists of all the public web sites and all the devices that access the web content. WWW is an information sharing model which is developed to exchange information over the internet. There are plenty of public websites, which is a collection of web pages, available over the internet. These web-pages contain plenty of information in a form of text, videos, audio and picture format. These web pages are access using a application software called a web browser. Some of the examples of the popular web browser are: Internet explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.