The main method has one line of code in it:

public class name {
   public static void main(String[] args)

This is the actual line of code that does all the work. In this case, we are using some of the code that the programmers at sun have already created to display the text “linux”. In particular, the java.lang package`s System class is used here. Libraries of classes are called packages in java, and the java.lang packages is built into every java program, which means you dont have to take special steps to make use of it, as you so with other java packages. The java.lang packages System class includes a filed called out, and this filed, in turn, has a method named println, which does the actual displaying of text.

To refer to the System classs out filed, we use the terminology System.out. The use the out fields println method, we use the terminology System.out.println. To print the text “linux“, we pass that text to System.out.println by enclosing it in quotes.

Note also that line of code ends with semicolon. This end-of-statment convention is something that java has inherited from C and C++, and you end nearly all statement in java with a semicolon. if this isnt something you are used to, you`ll pick it up pretty quickly, because the java compiler refuses to translate your code into bytescodes until the semicolons are in place.