The Applet Class in Java

Each applet is an augmentation of the java.applet.applet class. The base Applet class gives techniques that a determined Applet class may call to get data and administrations from the program connection. These incorporate techniques that do the accompanying:

  • Get parameters of the applet
  • Get the system area of the HTML record that contains the applet
  • Get the system area of the applet class registry
  • Print a status message in the program
  • Fetch a picture
  • Fetch a sound
  • Play a sound
  • Perform resizing of the applet

Moreover, the Applet class gives an interface by which the viewer or program gets dataabout the applet and controls the applet’s execution. The viewer might:

  • Request data about the form, creator and copyright of the applet
  • Request a depiction of the parameters the applet perceives
  • Perform applet initialization
  • Perform applet destruction
  • Begin the execution of the applet
  • Stop the execution of the applet