Exception Methods in Java

Here is a list of methods that are available as part of the Throwable class.

  • public Throwable getcause()
    This method gives back the cause of the exemption as mentioned by a Throwable item.
  • public String getmessage()
    This method gives back the exception’s complete message and details. This message is usually included in the Throwable constructor.
  • public void printstacktrace()
    This method prints the aftereffect of tostring() alongside the stack follow to System.err, the output stream for error.
  • public String tostring()
    The method gives back where its due of the class linked with the aftereffect of getmessage()
  • public Throwable fillinstacktrace()
    The method fills the stack of this Throwable object with the current trace of stack, adding to any past data in the trace of stack.
  • public Stacktraceelement [] getstacktrace()
    The method gives back a array containing every component on the trace of stack. The component at file 0 speaks to the highest point of the call stack, and the last component in the show speaks to the system at the base of the call stack.