Data Structure Advantages

  • Efficiency : Efficiency of a program depends upon the choice of data structures. For example: suppose, we have some data and we need to perform the search for a perticular record. In that case, if we organize our data in an array, we will have to search sequentially element by element. hence, using array may not be very efficient here. There are better data structures which can make the search process efficient like ordered array, binary search tree or hash tables.
  • Reusability : Data structures can be reused, i.e. once we have implemented a particular data structure, we can use it at any other place. Implementation of data structures can be compiled into libraries which can be used by different clients.
  • Abstraction : Data structure serves as the basis of abstract data types, the data structure defines the physical form of ADT(Abstract Data Type). ADT is theoretical and Data structure gives physical form to them.
  • Using internet, we can access the data anytime from any connected machine (computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)
  • provides means for management of large data set such as databases or internet indexing services.

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