Number masking or Call masking services

Number masking or Call masking services

Number masking or call masking is a solution where actual caller number is not being displayed to the customer. Here, we will understand that how this can be accomplished.

Number masking or call masking is the best way for businesses to safeguard their customers’ identity, and prevent misuse of sensitive information, enabled by anonymization of customer’s phone number. This solution allows you to connect two parties without revealing either party’s phone number.

Before starting we need to understand that why this solution is required?

To Increase the call connect ratio in Outbound call: 

– In General, Most customer don’t pick the call from landline number.  So company wish to dial customer’s number with Mobile number like series. For example the PRI numbers from the city where STD codes starts from 6 to 9 Digit. So if the customer gets call from 6,7 or 8 starting series number, they understand someone calling from their personal mobile number and they used to pick the call.

Due to this call connect % increased from using mobile number masking.

To safe brand number from Spam in Outbound call:

– Calling to customer their brand number, This may get spam marked by customer. To avoid spam marking, some companies choose number masking solution.

To safe customer’s data from third party service provider or other user while communicating with customer

– Generally company don’t provide End to End services own. They used to outsource few task to other companies as well. So this is important to safe the customer’s contact details or data to the other service providers or employee who is directly communicating to your customer on behalf of you.

How to implement number masking?

There are many companies who used to provider such solution for number masking and call masking. They generally just overlap the companies number to their own number. This can be implemented very easily.

Number masking or call masking service allows any business to facilitate a secure conversation between their employees and the customers. They can easily protect the privacy of their users by assigning a separate virtual number to both the parties.

When a customer initiates a call in the app, the request gets automatically sent to calling server. Customer’s number gets mapped with a temporary virtual number at the server. Call is then forwarded to the company agent with the assigned virtual number ID. Without revealing the customer’s actual number, the call gets patched between the agent and the customer.

Deploying two-way number masking provides security to the customer and the business, ensuring maximum privacy on both ends. Number masking keeps all the transactions strictly on the platform to control the communication and prevent any possible frauds.