What is Need of Information Security?

Information Security :

Information security covers the tools and processes that organizations use to protect information. Information Security is not only about securing information from unauthorized access. It is basically the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use ,disclosure, disruption , modification , inspection , recording or destruction of information. 

The Need of Information Security :

Information security is needed because some organizations can be damaged by hostile application or invader. Every organization needs protection against cyber attacks and security threats. Companies have realized the need and importance of information security and taken steps to be included among organizations known to have the most secure IT infrastructure .

1.To avoid account hijacking : Phishing, fraud, and software exploitations are still very common. Companies relying on cloud services are especially at risk because they are an easy target for cybercriminals, who can eavesdrop on activities, modify data and manipulate transactions.

2. Protecting the data that the organization collect and use: Data in the organization can be in two forms are either in rest or in motion, the motion of data signifies that data is currently used or processed by the system. The values of the data motivated the attackers to steal or corrupts the data. This is essential for the integrity and the values of the organization’s data.

3. Safeguarding technology assets in organizations: The organization must add intrastate services based on the size and scope of the organization. Organizational growth could lead to the need for public key infrastructure, PKI an integrated system of the software, encryption methodologies.

4.To prevent data breaches :A data breach resulting in the loss of critical business information is quite common. Due to a large amount of data stored on company servers, businesses often become the main target of cyber-criminals if the network is unprotected.


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