roles and responsibilities involved during a review

During a review five types of participants take part.


  1. The moderator:
  • Also known as review leader
  • Performs entry check
  • Follow-up on the rework
  • Schedules the meeting
  • Coaches other team
  • Leads the possible discussion and stores the data that is collected
  1. The author:
    • Illuminate the unclear areas and understand the defects found
    • Basic goal should be to learn as much as possible with regard to improving the quality of the document.
  1. The scribe:
  • Scribe is a separate person to do the logging of the defects found during the review.
  1. The reviewers:
  • Also known as checkers or inspectors
  • Check any material for defects, mostly prior to the meeting
  • The manager can also be involved in the review depending on his or her background.

    5. The managers:

  •  Manager decides on the execution of reviews
  • Allocates time in project schedules and determines whether review process objectives have been met