The while Loop in Java

A while loop is a control structure that permits you to rehash an errand a specific number of times. The syntax for this construct is as follows:

while(boolean_expression) {

At the point when executing, if the boolean_expression result is genuine, then the activities inside the circle will be executed. This will proceed till the time the result for the condition is genuine. Here, key purpose of the while loop is that the circle may not ever run. At the point when the interpretation is tried and the result is false, the body of the loop will be skipped and the first proclamation after the while circle will be executed.

public class myTest {
public static void main(string args[]) {
int i=5;
while(i<10) {
System.out.print(ā€ i = ā€ + i );

This would deliver the accompanying result:
x = 5
x = 6
x = 7
x = 8
x = 9
x = 5