an algorithm for making a cup of tea

What is algorithm

  • An algorithm is step by step description of the method to solve a problem.
  • It is an effective procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps an algorithm to find the factorial of a number

How to start writing algorithm : Step by Step solve the problem

  • Problem Description – Find description of the problem.
  • Problem Analysis – Analyze the problem.
  • Start writing steps to resolve the problem in your language.
  • Re-analyze the steps and try to add more details.
  • Final Review

an algorithm for making a cup of tea

Step 1: Start
Step 2: If the kettle doesn’t contain milk. then put the milk in kettle.
Step 3: Place tea leaves and suger in the Kettle.
Step 4: Heat the Kettle using Gas or Electric or any other method
Step 5: If the milk in the kettle is not boiling. then go to step 3.
Step 6: Stop.

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