a program to read the data for the customer, calculate the interest and service charge, and print the customer’s name, average balance, interest, and service charge.

//calculate interest and service charge for bank customer

#include <stdio.h>
int main()

char customer[30], acctNum[30];
double avgBalance, interest, service;
int numTrans;
printf(“Name? “);
printf(“Account number? “);
printf(“Average balance? “);
scanf(“%lf”, &avgBalance);
printf(“Number of transactions? “);
scanf(“%d”, &numTrans);
interest = avgBalance * 0.06;
service = numTrans * 0.50;
printf(“\nName: %s\n”, customer);
printf(“Average balance: $%3.2f\n”, avgBalance);
printf(“Interest: $%3.2f\n”, interest);
printf(“Service charge: $%3.2f\n”, service);

return 0;