Tuning In to Online Radio Stations

With Banshee, you can listen to a number of predefined Internet radio stations or add your own. Provided the MP3 codec software is installed, as discussed earlier, Banshee is compatible with streaming MP3-based playlists, such as those listed at http://shoutcast.com. If you’ve never looked for online radio before, Shoutcast.com is an excellent place to start. On this site, you’ll find many stations that are available for online radio. Just try them and if you’ve found one you like, add it to Banshee using the procedure described next. There’s also a plug-in called banshee-extension-liveradio, which you can install to integrate the stations lice365.com, RealRadios.com, magnatune.com, and xiph.org in Banshee.

To add a new station, do the following: Visit the web page of the radio station you want to listen to in Firefox and copy the stream’s link to your clipboard. You can typically do this by right-clicking the Listen Live or similar link (in Shoutcast it’s the blue play button) and selecting Copy Link Location. In Banshee, right-click the Radio icon under the Library listing on the left pane and select Add Station. A window will pop up, into which you can paste the station link, enter some other information about the station, and click Save. The new station will now appear in the track listing, and you can double-click to play it.