Shortcuts for Working in BASH

lists the most common keyboard shortcuts in BASH (there are many more; see BASH’s man page for details). If you’ve explored the Emacs text editor, you might find these shortcuts familiar. Such keyboard shortcuts are largely the same across many of the software packages that originate from the GNU Project. Often, you’ll find an option within many Ubuntu software packages that lets you use Emacs-style navigation, in which case, these keyboard shortcuts will most likely work equally well.

Table A-2. Keyboard Shortcuts in BASH

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In most cases, this has the effect of clearing the line.

This is different from Ctrl+U, because it will leave intact any command already on the line, such as one pulled from your command history.

This allows primitive cutting and pasting. Delete the text and then immediately undo, after which the text will remain in the buffer and can be pasted with Ctrl+Y.