What are Fuzzy Systems ?

• Fuzzy Systems include Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Set Theory.
• Knowledge exists in two distinct forms :
− the Objective knowledge that exists in mathematical form is used in engineering problems; and
− the Subjective knowledge that exists in linguistic form, usually impossible to quantify.

Fuzzy Logic can coordinate these two forms of knowledge in a logical way.
• Fuzzy Systems can handle simultaneously the numerical data and linguistic knowledge.
• Fuzzy Systems provide opportunities for modeling of conditions which are inherently imprecisely defined.
• Many real world replicated with the problems have been modeled, simulated, and help of fuzzy systems.
• The applications of Fuzzy Systems are many like : Information retrieval systems, Navigation system, and Robot vision.
• Expert Systems design have become easy because their domains are inherently fuzzy and can now be handled better;
examples : Decision-support systems, Financial planners, Diagnostic system, and Meteorological system.