How to install FileZilla FTP client in Ubuntu

A brief intro of FileZilla

FileZilla is the open source FTP client program. It uses FTP/SFTP protocol to transfer the files. It allows us to securely transfer files from the local computer to the remote computer.

It is mostly used by the web developers in the uploading, downloading and editing web pages. Webpages are stored in the server computer. It allows us to manage these pages directly from the local computer.

To install FileZilla from command line, use the following commands.

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install filezilla

First command synchronizes the configured repositories. This command is used to ensure that always the latest version of the software is installed.

Second command connects to the repository and checks the version and file size of the available FileZilla in repository. It prints both information on the screen and takes confirmation for the installation. If permission is granted, it downloads the FileZilla from the repository and installs that.

To confirm the installation, when asked, type y and press the enter key.

Launching the FileZilla

Once FileZilla has been installed, you can launch it from the application launcher. To start it, click the application launcher icon. In the search box of the opened window, search the term FileZilla. From the result, click the FileZilla icon.

starting filezilla