Mental Constitution of Human In Ayurveda

Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words namely “AYUS” and “VID”. This means life and knowledge. Ayurveda treatment is provided using mantras, herbs and potions. In ayurveda the body and mind constitution of a person namely ‘Prakruti’ is of topmost importance. Human beings are born with certain unique qualities and with certain constitutions. It would get reflected in their mental and physical status and other things like their job preferences, choice of color, activities and fashion etc. According to Ayurveda the unique body and mind constitution of each individual forms the basis of his lifestyle and the probable problems that can arise.   Treatment is based on the individual’s physical constitution and the other is mental constitution. This article aims to discuss in detail about mental constitution.


Mental Constitution in Ayurveda
The proportion in which the tridoshas, the three doshas namely vata, pitta and kapha a person gets at birth in varying proportions will be at the foundation of his physical and mental constitution that will stay for life.  This unique constitution makes each individual different and unique and determines the eating habits and reaction to different situations. The precise determination of the prakriti, the body mind constitution is the first step in Ayrvedic treatment of any patient.
The mental constitution of a person is dependent on the three gunas according to Ayurveda text. The three features namely satva, rajas, tamas are directly connected to the tridosha in ayurveda. The three gunas put together are responsible for the existential, experiential, evaluative and transactional dimensions. Each of them may be the motivation source of stress. The original state of mind is called sattvic and the enlightened belong to this category. It denotes peaceful mind and the agitated or aggravated mind is said to be the rajasic state and finally the lethargic and gloomy state of mind is said to be in tamasik state.
Mental Constitution
The mental constitution of body is primarily divided into satvik, rajasic and tamasik.
I. Satvik
  • This kind of persons are very religious and they are so compassionate and of pure minded persons.
  • They are hard working both by brain and body and not driven by mental fatigues.
  • Creative mind, obedience and simplicity and adherence are their unique qualities.
  • They would worship all and care for the human beings as they serve humanity.
II. Rajsik
  • Rasjsik Constitution or Prakrity features most ambiguous, self motivated and aggressive personalities.
  • This kind of persons are good to be in the managerial cadres as they are go getters as they are driven by features such as proud, angry, jealous, monitoring process.
  • They would always try to get the supervisory powers to control others
  • Though they are hard working they will lack planning
  • They often get disturbed mentally and prone to stress and not able to tolerate the failures.
  • They would care for others, when their need is fulfilled
  • They are loyal to those whom they trust
  • Almost all of their activities are focused on a centralized theme
III Tamasik
  • Normally they are dumb people
  • Laziness, Lethargic, depression are the characteristic features of these people. Excessive sleep during day time would be their unique quality
  • They are not so brainy
  • They avoid taking extra responsibility and rather they would love to eat, drink and sleep well.
  • They are always fond of sex
  • Selfish people
According to the gunas of mental constitution the world consists of all types and therefore is a mixture of all kind of human beings, Ayurveda can serve them all as it understands their unique constitution and can effectively.


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