linux memoery space command

# df -h

will show you where your free space (if any) is, on your mounted partitions.

# du -sh /*

will show you how much drive space each of your top-level directories are consuming, which might help identify files that don’t need to be on the root partition

# fdisk -l

(that’s a lower-case L). This will show us what drive partitions you have on the system (and whether you’ve got any unallocated/unmounted partition space on your drive(s)) It looks like you’re near limits on your mounted filesystems – less than 1GB free on your / partition, and only 25GB free on your /home partition. So, while you may be able to identify files to move from the / partition over to the /home partition, if you don’t have additional drive space, you may not be able to grow the / partition…

Once you’ve identified what directory(ies) have the most contained in them, you can dig a level deeper with:
(e.g., du -sh /root)

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