zero lead in hopper but there lead in campaign

If you have the error like this “This campaign  has zero leads in the dial hopper
No Lead in the Hopper to dial” you need to check the following things:-

  • Campaign Setting
  1. Check the Campaign is set to Active
  2. Set Y to No hooper leads Login
  3. Change the Dial time in Campaign to “LOCAL CALL TIME = 24Hours”
  4. Check the Dial status selected to dial. ( For NEW leads select NEW)
  5. If you are redialling the dialled Leads then make sure you have selected the proper dial status , for eg: if you are dialling BUSY, NA , CALLBACK ,… Numbers, Then select these dial status in the campaign . Then go to the List and select you list. Then set Y to “Reset Lead-Called-Status for this list” submit.
  6. check the dialmethod : Ratio or Adaptive or manual
  7. Check the Min Hopper lever ( use 500 to 1000 for bettter result)
  8. Select Force Reset of Hopper to Y and check the Hopper level in next one minute
  • List Settings
  1. Check the List is set to Active
  2. Check proper campaign is selected
  3. Check the Leads are there to dial.
  4. Make sure to reset the list if you want to redial
  • Mysql db crash

Due to overload or imporper shutdown of the system leads to Mysql db crash.

Check for the table crash and repair them. To know how to repair MySQL table follow the below link.

  • Debugging the hopper script

Run the Hopper script in debug mode to check any issue in settings

/usr/share/astguiclient/ –debugX

  • Server ip updated in db

If you have changed the server ip or IP of the server has been changed , then you have to update the new ip in the vicidial db by running below command


  • Reboot the Server
  • Ask AGENTs to stop dialing MANUAL CALL strictly

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