Run Software Yourself

Software-based solutions enable you to install software for vulnerability management on your internal network and run them yourself. Software can automate many processes for VM.

However, having the control over VM software carries the usual price tag of having to manage it (and secure it). You have to successfully operate and maintain everything – in between everything else on the usual IT and security person’s daily list of things to do.

Tasks for running and maintaining VM software include:

  • Buying and maintaining the servers and infrastructure to reliably run the VM software applications.
  •  Ensuring the VM applications and infrastructure are always 100 per cent secure and performing at peak operational efficiency.
  • Integrating the required data exchange between component software used for VM solutions.
  • Keeping software maintenance up-to-date with the latest updates and patches from each vendor.
  • And, of course, responding to alerts and managing the vulnerabilities spotted by your system.

Do-it-yourselfers have two choices. You can download Open Source software or buy commercial solutions.