What is Jenkins, feature, and function of Jenkins

Today, We will learn What is Jenkins, the features of Jenkins, and their feature?

Jenkins is an award-winning continuous integration tool that monitors executions of deployment cycles. It started as a side project by Sun’s software engineers group. Later it was expanded as one of the popular open-source CI tools which help software development teams to automate their deployments. Read: How to Download and Install Jenkins on Windows

Jenkins is a Java-based tool, which means you only need Java Runtime Environment to operate it. Hence, Jenkins can be installed on any operating system where Java runs.

In this tool, Developers can also specify conditions for customized builds. Jenkins supports a massive plugin archive. This allows developers to alter how Jenkin looks and operates.

Moreover, the Jenkins Pipeline suite of plugins comes with special tools that allow developers to model easy-to-complex delivery pipelines using the DSL (Domain Specific Language) method.

What does Jenkin do?

Jenkins allows you to automate your build, test, and deploy tasks. The tool provides support for different OS like Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux systems.

Moreover, Jenkins gives you the ability to quickly build and test your code to get early feedback on whether it’s ready for production or not. In most cases, Jenkin will require few modifications according to your team’s custom requirements.

Jenkin Features:

  • Easy to install, upgrade, and configure
  • Distributed Builds
  • Monitoring external jobs
  • More than 600 plugins to customize your Jenkins environment
  • Over 1000+ public repositories on Github, 500+ contributors, strong commit activity
  • Support for various authentication methods, version control systems, notification, etc.
  • Jenkins provides remote access API and its functionalities.
  • Provide Powerful CI/CD tool for big projects
  • It supports various job models like Freestyle, Pipeline, etc.,
  • Allows developers to add their extensions
  • Compatible with Docker, Libvirt, Kubernetes, and many other programs

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