Asterisk dial command

Setting to Limit SIP channels

You have the 6 channels, and basically you have 6 calls going on… Now when you hang up the do hang up, they dont get stuck right? So you have 6 different peopel on the line and when 7 hits they block you and essentially your phone system is dead….?

Ok, one thing you could probably do is set a variable before DIAL and then set it again after dial, adding to the number of calls on SIP that way it keeps a count of how many SIP channels are going out that direction. I think theres another way but the variable should work.

exten => s,1,SetVar(SIPCOUNT=$[${SIPCOUNT} + 1]) ; increment


exten => s,1,SetVar(SIPCOUNT=$[${SIPCOUNT} – 1])

then you would need a gotoif statement even before the increment if you post the context that shows your dial statement

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