configuring digium TE235 and TE435 card in asterisk vicidial goautodial freepbx elastix

Digium’s (TE235) dual span digital interface cards support 48 (T1 / J1) or 60 (E1) connections to PSTN trunks over two spans (digital circuits). Built exclusively for use with Asterisk and Asterisk-based communications systems, the dual span cards provide the best value in digital connectivity.
Digium TE235 and TE435 works with Any version of Asterisk and need Dahdi 2.9 or above versions.

If your using Old dahdi version , you can refer this link:ClickHere for Dahdi upgrade/reinstall to latest version.

Unlike Digium’s old cards these new cards wont have Jumper to interchange between E1 and T1.
The E1/T1 to be done via software which will be covered in this topic

Assume you have installed Lastest dahdi driver ie: dahdi 2.9 or above.
To check the dahdi version type dahdi_cfg –v in linux console.
Make sure dahid linux and dahdi tool should be in same version.


Configuring TE235 in E1 mode.
Step 1 : enabling the Line mode as E1
vi /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.conf
go to last line and paste the below line
options wcte43x default_linemode=e1
save and exit the file.
Note : for T1 mode replace default_linemode=e1 to default_linemode=t1
Step 2 :  Remove the driver from blacklist
vi /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.blacklist.conf
put # infront of wcte43x
save and exit
step 3 : running the driver manually and autogen script
modprobe wcte43x default_linemode=e1
dahdi_genconf  -v
dahdi_cfg -v
the above command displays the configured channels
Note: for t1 mode replace default_linemode=e1to default_linemode=t1
step 4 : including the auto generated dahdi conf files in default file
the autogenerated file will be created as dahdi-channels.conf in asterisk directory
vi /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf
go to last line of the file and paste the below lines
#include dahdi-channels.conf
Save and submit.
Step 5 : Restart the dahdi driver
asterisk –rx “module unload”
asterisk –rx “module load”
step 6 : check the status of dahdi and pri
asterisk –vvvr
dahdi show status
pri show spans
step 7 : dialplan to dial via pri line
the default group will be 0 for all the channels, if you want to change it, then edit in dahdi-channels.conf
exten => _9X.,1,Dial(DAHDI/g0/${EXTEN:1})
were 9 is the prefix

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