ClearOS – Network Gateway and Network server : Introduction

ClearOS (formerly named ClarkConnect) is a Linux distribution, based on CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux,.

It is designed for use in small and medium enterprises as a network gateway and network server with a web-based administration interface.

It is designed to be an alternative to Windows Small Business Server.

ClearOS is a modular operating system that will run on dedicated hardware or in your virtual environment in your home, office, or datacenter as:

  • A finely tuned system with just a handful of specific apps and services, or
  • A gateway to protect your other computers from the outside internet while providing your users with a stable, fast web experience
  • A server where you store your files for secure access inside and outside your network
  • A network platform to facilitate core network services to provide ease of management of your network
  • A cloud platform which allows you to both integrate with cloud services or to become your OWN cloud services provider for your workstations
  • A versatile all-in-one solution that does everything above, or
  • something completely in between!

Features – What can we do with the help of ClearOS

  • Stateful firewall (iptables), networking and security
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system (SNORT)
  • Virtual private networking (IPSEC, PPTP, OpenVPN)
  • Web proxy, with content filtering and antivirus (SquidDansGuardian)
  • E-mail services (Webmail, Postfix, SMTP, POP3/s, IMAP/s)
  • Groupware (Kolab)
  • Database and web server (easy to deploy LAMP stack)
  • File and print services (Samba and CUPS)
  • Flexshares (unified multi-protocol storage which currently employs CIFS, HTTP/S, FTP/S, and SMTP)
  • MultiWAN (Internet fault tolerant design)
  • Built-in reports for system statistics and services (MRTG and others)

 ClearOS is commonly known as the Next Generation Small Business Server, while including indispensable Gateway and Networking functionality. It delivers a powerful IT solution with an elegant user interface that is completely web-based. Simply put.. ClearOS is the new way of delivering IT.

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