What is JSP?


Java Server Page (JSP) technology allow web developers and designers to rapidly develop and easily maintain, information-rich, dynamic web pages that leverage existing business system. As part of the java technology family, JSP technology enables rapid development of web-based applications that are platform-independent. JSP technology separates the user interface from content generation, enabling designers to change the overall page layout without altering the underlying dynamic content.

JSP technology uses XML-like tags that the logic that creates the content for the page. the application logic can reside in server-based resources that page accesses with these tags.

Java Server Page technology is an extension of the java servlet technology. servlet  are platform independent, server-side modules that fit seamlessly into a wed server framework and can be used to extend the capabilities of a web sever with minimal overheads, maintenance, and support.

The JSP specification is a product of industry-wide collaboration with industry leaders in the enterprise software and tools markets, led by Sun Microsystems. Sun has made the JSP specification freely available to the developer community, with the goal that every web server and application server will support the JSP interfaces. JSP pages share the “Write once , Run anywhere” advantage of java technology.