Data Communications is the transfer of data or information between a source and a receiver. The source transmits the data and the receiver receives it. Data communication involved the following like communication networks, different communication services required, the kind of networks available, protocol architectures, OSI models, TCP/IP protocol models etc. Data Communication is interested in the transfer of data, the method of transfer and the preservation of the data during the transfer process.

Communication is the exchange of data between two digital devices. Every concrete communication is data communication. Information is extracted from data by the process of interpretation.Data communication is transmission of digital data between telecommunication devices. Data communication standards are created to ensure that individual products (possibly from two independent sources) designed to perform data communications tasks will actually be able to work together to perform these tasks. Once the standards are adhered to, the respective designers should not need to collaborate in order to achieve compatibility.

There are two types of communication as discussed below:
1. Synchronous Communication: It is the process of establishing consistency among data from a source to destination devices and vice versa and continuous harmonization of the data over time.

2. Asynchronous Communication: It is less disciplined which can send a message whenever it wishes to.

Communication Trends

Let‘s have a look on the changing trends in the mode of communication which is bringing a revolution in the technologies used.

Technical Communications

  • Today: communication between users
  • Tomorrow: communication between machines, e.g.
  • Production infrastructure: tele-metrics, tele-diagnosis, tele-operations
  • Communications between vehicles
  • Home networks: sensors, security, appliances

Mobile Communications

  • Paradigm: anybody, anytime, anywhere
  • Expected: more mobile phone subscribers than POTS subscribers

IP-based Communications

  • Internet Protocol IP as media independent access
  • Voice-Over-IP technology is rolling out
  • “All-IP” networks: Telcos will switch to IP for voice calls

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