Graphics Program in C++ for Analog Clock

Analog Clock is mini project  in a C ++ language. It is graphics application using graphic library <graphics.h>.

This program is Compiled using Turbo C++. Here is the source code of this program in C++ using Graphics.


analog clock1
analog clock1

/*Program for analog CLock*/

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <graphics.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <dos.h>

void minSecPos(int xrad, int midx, int midy, int x[60], int y[60])
int i, j=45;
for (i=360; i>=0; i=i-6)
x[j] = midx-(xrad*cos((i*3.14)/180));
y[j–] = midy-(xrad*sin((i*3.14)/180));
j = (j==-1)?59:j;

void calcPoints(int radius, int midx, int midy, int x[12], int y[12])
int x1, y1;
x[0] = midx, y[0] = midy-radius;
x[6] = midx, y[6] = midy+radius;
x[3] = midx+radius, y[3] = midy;
x[9] = midx-radius, y[9] = midy;

x1 = (int) ((radius/2)*sqrt(3));
y1 = (radius/2);
x[2] = midx+x1, y[2] = midy-y1;
x[4] = midx+x1, y[4] = midy+y1;
x[8] = midx-x1, y[8] = midy+y1;
x[10] = midx-x1, y[10] = midy-y1;

x1 = radius/2;
y1 = (int) ((radius/2)*sqrt(3));
x[1] = midx+x1, y[1] = midy-y1;
x[5] = midx+x1, y[5] = midy+y1;
x[7] = midx-x1, y[7] = midy+y1;
x[11] = midx-x1, y[11] = midy-y1;

int main() {
int gd=DETECT, gm, err, tmp;
initgraph(&gd, &gm, “C:\\tc\\bgi”);

int i, j, midx, midy, radius, hr, min, sec;
int x[12], y[12], minx[60], miny[60];
int hrx[12], hry[12], secx[60], secy[60];
int secx1, secy1;
char str[256];
time_t t1;
struct tm*data;

err = graphresult();

if (err != grOk)
printf(“Graphics Error: %s”,
return 0;

midx = getmaxx()/2;
midy = getmaxy()/2;

radius = 200;

calcPoints(radius-30, midx, midy, x, y);
calcPoints(radius-90, midx, midy, hrx, hry);

minSecPos(radius-50, midx, midy, minx, miny);
minSecPos(radius-70, midx, midy, secx, secy);

while (!kbhit())
setlinestyle(SOLID_LINE, 1, 3);
settextstyle(GOTHIC_FONT, 0, 3);

circle(midx, midy, radius);

for (j=0; j<12; j++)
if (j==0)
sprintf(str, “%d”, 12);
} else {
sprintf(str, “%d”, j);
settextjustify(CENTER_TEXT, CENTER_TEXT);
moveto(x[j], y[j]);

t1 = time(NULL);
data = localtime(&t1);

sec = data->tm_sec % 60;
line(midx, midy,
[sec], secy[sec]);

min = data->tm_min % 60;
line(midx, midy, minx[min], miny[min]);

hr = data->tm_hour % 12;
line(midx, midy, hrx[hr], hry[hr]);

return 0;


clock program in c
clock program in c

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