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C-Free is a professional C/C++ integrated development environment (IDE) that support multi-compilers. Use of this software, user can edit, build, run and debug programs freely.

With C/C++ source parser included, although C-Free is a lightweight C/C++ development tool, it has powerful features to let you make use of it in your project.

C-Free Packages

package name: C-Free 5.0 Professional
size: 14517 KB
download: Main Site Local Download

Turbo C/C++ Download link

Download Turbo C/C++


1. How to install Turbo C++

Step 1 Download Turbo C++ 3.2 from here
Step 2 If any previous version of “Turbo C++” install in your computer, then first of all uninstall that.
Step 3 Extract downloaded “Turbo C++” file.
Step 4 Run “setup.exe” file.
Step 5 Follow the setup instructions.

2. How to use Turbo C++

Step 1 Double click on “Turbo C++” shortcut link on the desktop.
Step 2 If you want run turbo c++ on full screen simply click on button “Run Turbo C++”
Step 3 “OR” If you not want full screen mode uncheck the “Full screen mode” check box and click on button “Start Turbo C++”

3. System Requirement

Operating System Pre-Requirement
Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 No Pre-Requirement
Windows 7, Vista and XP .NET 4.5 Framework Required

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