convert backslash to forward slash vice versa


Hi Guys,

this is very easy method to replace the special character with in string  .

Example $var  = “/var/xyz/html/uploaddata/xyz.html”;

“/”replace with “-” 

$str = str_replace(‘/’, ‘-‘,  $var);

result is -var-xyz-html-uploaddata-xyz.html

Example     $var  = “var-xyz-html-uploaddata-xyz.html”;

“-“replace with “/”

$str = str_replace(‘-‘, ‘/’,  $var);

result is /var/xyz/html/uploaddata/xyz.html

“/”replace with “\” 

Example $var  = “/var/xyz/html/uploaddata/xyz.html”;

$test = str_replace(‘/’, “\\”, $var );

result is \var\xyz\html\uploaddata\xyz.html

UPPER to lower latter’s :–

$var  = “MY NaMe Is vIkRant sHARma”;

$test= preg_replace(“/[^a-zA-Z]/”, “”, $var  );

result is my name is vikrant sharma

Remove unwanted spacial charactor from String :–

$var= “My () Na*9me <<>> is ~# vikra#$n%t #sh@A8rm9a.”;

$test= preg_replace(‘/[^A-Za-z0-9\-\’]/’, ”, $var);

result is my name is vikrant sharma

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