Transforming Engineering from the inside out

From clearing the papers on a CEO’s desk to proving a point by becoming a published author, we join Will Beer on his journey to save engineering departments from themselves.

 Inspired from a young age by stories of his great grandfather John Francis ‘Frank’ Tunley, who worked in the 1940s as a pattern maker, to building a motorized ‘goped’ for his GCSE Design & Tech project, it was almost inevitable Will would develop a passion for engineering.

After graduating from university and working his way up the ranks to run a world-wide team of engineers, Will was tasked with the seemingly impossible – reduce lead times from approximately 14 days to under five without increasing headcount.

Despite the limitations he was successful and realised if he could do this, he could help other businesses do the same. Will understood that cutting through the office politics that shackle companies’ development is core to the success of change projects. He also recognised that whilst some projects require progressive, phased changing programs, others have more urgent needs that demand focused recovery actions.

Confidently stating ‘experience is the best teacher’, Will is happy to share his mistakes in the hope others do not repeat them. From overseeing an order for £45,000 for the wrong part on his first day as an engineering manager, to why, as manager when you say things like ‘if you don’t like it get a new job’ you shouldn’t be surprised when people do just that. The combination of experience and empathy creates an honesty he carries in all interactions with his clients. Recovery projects have benefited from an unapologetically direct approach whilst others are highly consultative and developmental. When working with one client on a recovery project, a director’s lack of organisation was a key issue. Whilst not the first solution tried, clearing their desk to prove a point was the catalyst that brought this customer back from the brink. Other examples are less direct, for example encouraging customers to submit patents to protect their intellectual property. Every customer is different:  what’s needed is a targeted, closely managed project focused on agreed deliverables.

The work undertaken by Tunley is fueled by genuine passion and unrelenting optimism in engineering processes and the people behind them. In three short years Tunley have developed a world-wide customer base and have delivered projects in almost every continent. With Covid-19, gender imbalance, Brexit and international relationships challenges, improving the contribution engineering makes to everyone’s recovery and prosperity is crucial. Tunley Engineering looks forward to playing its part and contributing positively to all our futures.

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