Battery-powered door handle disinfects itself from Covid-19

A door handle capable of disinfecting itself has been launched by Swiss tech company Tweaq as a way to help businesses tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

 The handle integrates a peristaltic pump that brings disinfectant liquid from the casing to a sponge inside the ring around the door handle.

Once the £400 handle is released by a user, the system is activated and an internal system drives the outer aluminium ring backwards and forwards once along the surface.

Tweaq says the system eliminates 99 per cent of bacteria and viruses in under three seconds, and that because the handle is powered by lithium batteries it is relatively uncomplicated to install on existing doors.

The cartridges work for around 1,000 uses before they need replacing and when the disinfectant liquid runs out, the user will be notified.

A number of technological solutions have been developed to improve the cleanliness of indoor environments during the pandemic.

Both Heathrow Airport and St Pancras have made use of patrolling robots that beam ultraviolet light onto surfaces to kill the virus.

Other recent developments include a facemask that inactivates virus’s using heat and the use of drones to carry vital Covid-19 samples, test-kits and PPE.

Tweaq CEO Giovanni Barilla said: “We help people open doors to the world, safeguarding their every touch-point. Our product combines hardware and software technology to provide an effective and reliable solution that not only protects people but can save businesses money in the long run.

“The world is changing mindset and attitude to investing in hygiene has completely transformed.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer a prevention solution that will hopefully help ease concerns and provide peace of mind for many.”