What is SQL?

Structured Query Language, commonly abbreviated to SQL and pronounced as “sequel”, is not a conventional computer programming language in the normal sense of the phrase. It allows users to access data in relational database management systems. SQL is about data and results, each SQL statement returns a result, whether that result be a query, an update to a record or the creation of a database table. SQL is most often used to address a relational database, which is what some people refer to as a SQL database.So in brief we can describe SQL as follows:

• SQL stands for Structured Query Language
• SQL allows you to access a database
• SQL can execute queries against a database
• SQL can retrieve data from a database
• SQL can insert new records in a database
• SQL can delete records from a database
• SQL can update records in a database
• SQL is easy to learn

Creating a Database
Many database systems have graphical interfaces which allow developers (and users) to create, modify and otherwise interact with the underlying database management system (DBMS).