Ten Reasons to Try Ubuntu Linux

In our experience there are at least ten good reasons to try Ubuntu Linux right away:

• You want your computer to boot really fast and to be fully functional after that.

• You want to use a sleek and modern operating system (OS) but are reluctant to buy a Mac.

• You are an idealist who thinks that software should be free (“free as in free speech”).

• You are a materialist who would rather have software for free (“free as in free beer”).

• You have seen Ubuntu Linux installed in a friend’s PC and want the same “wow” computer experience for yourself.

• You are tired of being exposed to hackers and malicious users every time you open Internet Explorer.

• You just bought a netbook and it either (a) comes loaded with an old OS, or (b) has a brand new OS that limits you on what you can do.

• You have an old PC that you don’t want to throw away just yet, but which is nearly useless under the latest versions of Windows.

• You are a hardcore Linux user who wants to figure out why Ubuntu has been chosen the best Linux desktop distribution so many times.

• You have been asked by your boss to evaluate Ubuntu Linux as a replacement for Windows on your organization’s desktop computers. Or maybe you are the boss and want to motivate your crew with a great project.

This list could go on; we all have good reasons to try Ubuntu Linux on our PCs. More reasons will occur to you once you get to know it.

Of course, if you’re already using an older version of Ubuntu (and taking into account that, in Ubuntu’s terminology, “older” means six months), you don’t need us to point out its virtues, right?