nmcli – Linux command

nmcli – Linux command

nmcli, the network manager command-line interface is a nifty and easy to use tool that saves you lots of time when you need to configure an IP address.

To display all the active network interfaces on your Linux system execute the command.

$ nmcli connection show
$ nmcli con show

Note that con is the truncated form of connection and you will still end up with the same result

Also, you can run the command below to display both active and inactive interfaces.

$ nmcli dev status

Set Static IP Address Using nmcli Tool

Using nmcli tool, you can modify a network interface to use a static IP address. In this example, we will modify the network interface enps03 to use a static IP.

But first, let’s check the IP address using ip addr command

First, run the command below to set up the IP address.

$ nmcli con mod enps03 ipv4.addresses

Next, configure the default gateway as shown:

$ nmcli con mod enps03 ipv4.gateway

Then set up the DNS server:

$ nmcli con mod enps03 ipv4.dns “”

Next , change the addressing from DHCP to static.

$ nmcli con mod enps03 ipv4.method manual

To save the changes, run the command

$ nmcli con up enps03

The changes will be written to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enps03 file.

To confirm the IP, once again run the command:

$ ip addr enps03


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