Memos and Tasks in Ubuntu

The Memos and Tasks modes are the simplest components within Evolution. Memos mode allows you to jot down simple notes, and Tasks mode allows you to create a to-do list.

In both modes, which can be selected by clicking their buttons at the bottom left of the screen, the program window consists simply of an area where you can click to add a new memo/task, a list area, and a preview area, which will show any details of the currently selected task.

In the case of Tasks mode, after you’ve made an entry, clicking the check box alongside it will mark it as completed. Completed items appear with a strike-through.

To add a new memo or task, click the bar that reads Click to Add a Memo (or Task), type a description, and then press Enter. You will be able to enter more tasks or memos in the same field.

Double-clicking a task or memo allows you to fine-tune its details. For example, you can add a due date for a task, so you’ll know when the task must be completed. You can also add a description for future reference and attach files by clicking the relevant button on the toolbar. By clicking the Status Details button in the Task Details dialog box, you can also set a percentage figure for completion of the task, as well as its priority, ranging from low to high. By adding these details, a quick scan over your tasks will give you a good idea of which jobs are overdue, which need attention, and which will stand a little procrastination.

After you’ve added these details, right-click the Summary bar (at the top of the main window) and select Add a Column. You can now drag and drop elements onto the main window to get a better view of your tasks, as in Figure.

Screenshot from 2020-06-10 09-56-07

Figure . Tasks mode lets you catalog chores that you want to do during the day.