LibreOffice Calc – Open-Source Spreadsheet Software for Linux

LibreOffice Calc – Open-Source Spreadsheet Software for Linux

The majority of Linux users will mention LibreOffice Calc as spreadsheet software. This open-source application forms part of the LibreOffice suite that offers a set of editors and productivity tools.

LibreOffice is a fork of the project and it is managed and developed by The Document Foundation with the support of a big community of enthusiasts from all over the world.

LibreOffice Calc provides all the fundamental features of Excel, such as pivot tables, graphics, text to columns, formulas, and much more. Cell formatting options are also available and include rotating contents, backgrounds, templates, borders, etc. If you are not familiar with Calc’s advanced options, the built-in wizards will help you make the most of them with ease.

LibreOffice Calc uses the Open Document Format (.ods) and is compatible with Microsoft Excel files. It can even read .xlsx files created with Microsoft Office for macOS, but sometimes the compatibility is not perfect.

With this program, you can also export spreadsheets to Por

table Document Format (.pdf). It even allows you to open spreadsheets created with obsolete programs such as Microsoft Works and BeagleWorks.

LibreOffice Calc also offers collaborative work on spreadsheets due to its multi-user support. You just need to share a spreadsheet with other users, and they will be able to add their own data. As the spreadsheet owner, you can integrate the new data in a few clicks.

Download LibreOffice

Here is the link to download LibreOffice from their official website.

Here is the ebook of LibreOffice Calc

How to install LibreOffice Calc

SDK and Sourcecode

Download the SDK

24 MB (TorrentInfo)

Download the Sourcecode

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