Installing BackTrack to DVD or USB Thumb Drive

You can download the free BackTrack ISO at This article covers the bt4-final.iso ISO image, released on January 11, 2010. Microsoft’s newer versions of Windows (Vista and 7) include built-in functionality to burn an ISO image to DVD, but Windows XP by default cannot. If you’d like to make a BackTrack DVD using Windows XP, you’ll need to use DVD-burning software such as Nero or Roxio. One of the better free alternatives to those commercial products is ISO Recorder from Alex Feinman. You’ll find that freeware program at Microsoft recommends ISO Recorder as part of its MSDN program. After you download and install ISO Recorder, you can right-click ISO file and select the Copy Image to CD/DVD option, shown in Figure , and then click Next in the ISO Recorder Record CD/DVD dialog box.

You might instead choose to make a bootable USB thumb drive containing the BackTrack bits. Booting from a thumb drive will be noticeably faster and likely quieter than running from a DVD. The easiest way to build a BackTrack USB thumb drive is to download and run the UNetbootin utility from Within the UNetbootin interface select the BackTrack 4f distribution, choose a USB drive to be written, and start the download by clicking OK. After downloading the ISO, UNetbootin will extract the ISO content to your USB drive, generate a syslinux config file, and make your USB drive bootable.

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Figure -Open with ISO Recorder

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Figure – ISO Recorder main dialog box

BackTrack home page
ISO Recorder

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Figure – UNetbootin interface