Threats Introduced by Footprinting

Social Engineering One of the easiest ways to gain information about a target or to get information in general is to just ask for it. When asking doesn’t work, you can try manipulating people with the goal of getting that gem of information that can give you useful insight.

Network and System Attacks These are designed to gather information relating to an environment’s system configuration and operating systems.

Information Leakage This one is far too common nowadays as organizations frequently have become victims of data and other company secrets slipping out the door and into the wrong hands.

Privacy Loss Another one that is common—all too common sadly—is privacy loss. Attackers gaining access to a system can compromise not only the security of the system, but the privacy of the information stored on it as well. If you happen to be the target of such an attack, you may easily find yourself running afoul of laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) or Sarbanes–Oxley, to name a couple.

Revenue Loss Loss of information and security related to online business, banking, and financial-related issues can easily lead to lack of trust in a business, which may even lead to closure of the business itself.