your first programming language

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your first programming language
your first programming language

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    The keyword continue allows us to take up the control to the beginning of the loop, bypassing the statements inside the loop, which have not yet been executed. When continue is encountered inside any loop, control automatically passes to the beginning of the loop. A continue is usually associated with an…
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    For loop is probably the most popular looping instruction. The for allows us to specify three things about a loop in a single line: Setting a loop counter to an initial value. Testing the loop counter to determine whether its value has reached the number of repetitions desired. Increasing the value of…
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    Moving Car Program in C++ This program is written in C++ using graphics to create and move a car. A car is made using two rectangles and two circles which act as tyres of car. A for loop is used to move the car forward by changing the rectangle and…
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    Before we can begin to write serious programs in C, it would be interesting to find out what really is C, how it came into existence and how does it compare with other computer languages. In this chapter we would briefly outline these issues. We will also learn four important…
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    This section will provide you with the basics of what JavaScript is, and why you should use it. Objectives     JavaScript versus JAVA     Interpreted programs versus Compiled programs     Why JavaScript     What you can use JavaScript for     About JavaScript JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It…
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