Blocking spyware

If you’re like many of us, it isn’t hard to get into the mood to give your computer a thorough cleaning — and I don’t mean with spray disinfectant. Rather, I mean that it’s time to go cloak-and-dagger and check for spyware on your computer.

Spyware can be a lot of things. In general, it’s software that some Web sites and viruses install on your computer without your knowledge so some person or company can track your online movements, or even record your keystrokes with a key logger. If it doesn’t bother you that someone you don’t know has knowledge about where you go on the Internet, then you don’t need to know any more about spyware. But we’re not talking Santa Claus here.

Many people in the United States and Europe find it repulsive to think that some total stranger knows about their Internet surfing habits. They don’t have to have anything to hide and most of the time, they don’t. They just figure it’s nobody else’s business. I’m with them all the way.