reinstall, uninstall, upgrade : sangmoa wanpipe driver

Sangoma Wanpipe Driver Reinstall or Uninstall

1. Check the existing wanpipe version installed.
a. # wanrouter version
2. Change the directory to source code of installed version or Downloaded directory.Generally it would be /usr/src. If you want to reinstall and yet not downloaded latest version, you can get it from
a. # cd /usr/src/wanpipe-*
3. For installation :
a. # ./setup dahdi (Please not if you using Zaptel then use ./setup zaptel)
4. For uninstallation :
a. # wanrouter stop
b. # wanrouter modules
c. # ./setup remove

Sangoma Wanpipe Driver Upgradation

1. Download the latest wanpipe from the
2. Untar/Unzip the file.
3. Run the below command
a. # cd /usr/src/wanpipe-currentversion
b. # cd /util/wan_aftup
c. # ./
4. Now all Done.


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