modules in asterisk

modules in asterisk

Asterisk is built on modules. A module is a loadable component that provides a specific functionality, such as a channel driver (for example,, or a resource that allows connection to an external technology (such as Asterisk modules are loaded based on the /etc/asterisk/modules.conf file.

It is actually possible to start Asterisk without any modules at all,

You can start Asterisk with no modules loaded by default and load each desired module manually from the console, but this is not something that you’d want to put into production; it would only be useful if you were performance-tuning a system where you wanted to eliminate everything not required by your specific application of Asterisk.

Types of Modules

The types of modules in Asterisk include the following:

  • Applications
  • Bridging modules
  • Call detail recording (CDR) modules
  • Channel event logging (CEL) modules
  • Channel drivers
  • Codec translators
  • Format interpreters
  • Dialplan functions
  • PBX modules
  • Resource modules
  • Addons modules
  • Test modules