Asterisk: The Hacker’s PBX

Hacker made asterisk

Telecommunications companies that choose to ignore Asterisk do so at their peril. The
flexibility it delivers creates possibilities that the best proprietary systems can scarcely
dream of. This is because Asterisk is the ultimate hacker’s PBX.
The term hacker has, of course, been twisted by the mass media into meaning “malicious
cracker.” This is unfortunate, because the term actually existed long before the media
corrupted its meaning.

Hackers built the networking engine that is the Internet. Hackers
built the Apple Macintosh and the Unix operating system. Hackers are also building
your next telecom system. Do not fear; these are the good guys, and they’ll be able to
build a system that’s far more secure than anything that exists today. Rather than being constricted by the dubious and easily cracked security of closed systems, the hackers will be able to quickly respond to changing trends in security and fine-tune the telephone system in response to both corporate policy and industry best practices. Like other open source systems, Asterisk will be able to evolve into a far more secure platform than any proprietary system, not in spite of its hacker roots, but rather because of them.

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