Configure Allo 3rd gen PRI Card in VICIdial, Goautodial and Asterisk

Configure Allo 3rd gen PRI Card in VICIdial, Goautodial and Asterisk based system


1. Uninstalling the existing Dahdi driver
2. Allo card Licensing
3. Installing the Allo patched Dahdi driver
4. configuring the Card

Step 1: Uninstall the old dahdi drivers

  • ssh the server via putty
  • First check the dahdi modules installed by running below command

lsmod | grep dahdi

Now uninstall all the modules listed from above command like this.

modprobe -r wctc4xxp wctdm24xxp wcte12xp xpp dahdi_transcode wcb4xxp
modprobe -r wctdm wcfxo wctdm24xxp wcte11xp wct1xxp wcte12xp
modprobe -r dahdi_voicebus wct4xxp wctdm24xxp dahdi

Step 2: Allo Card Licensing

  • Log on to the
  • Enter the particular details of the card (Serial Number) along with your Email id, Phonenumber, and select the country.
  • Click generate license button, to generate the license.
  • After submitting, user will receive the license to the email id provided.
  • Download and copy the License file to the machine where the card is being installed in the following directory “lib/firmware”. (use winscp to copy the file)

Step 3 : Installing the Allo patched Dahdi driver

Download the latest dahdi driver from the below link

cd /usr/src
tar -xvzf dahdi-linux-complete-
cd dahdi-linux-complete-
make clean
make all
make install

** now the dahdi driver is installed , we need to add the allo driver name in the dahdi module file
** type in console
vi /etc/dahdi/modules
at the last line add alloPL4xxp
save and exit .

Step 4 : configuring the Card

Now type

dahdi_genconf -vvv

make sure you will get the below output

Now type

vi /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

add #include dahdi-channels.conf at the last line in chan_dahdi.conf file ,
save and exit.

Now type

dahdi_cfg -vvv

*** this displays the channels configured

Reloading the module in asterisk

go to asterisk cli by typing

asterisk -vvvvvr
nicedial>module unload
nicedial>module load

Checking the status of the Card and PRI line
nicedial>dahdi show status
nicedial>pri show spans

*** Now the card is configured and ready to dial.


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