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    Easiest way to do this is to add a UNIQUE index on the column. When you write the ALTER statement, include the IGNORE keyword. Like so: ALTER IGNORE TABLE jobs ADD UNIQUE INDEX idx_name (site_id, title, company); This will drop all the duplicate rows. As an added benefit, future INSERTs…
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      To rename a table in MySQL you just need to run a command named RENAME TABLE, the syntax is very easy to use. RENAME TABLE table1 TO table2; The RENAME TABLE command will rename the table atomically, which means your table will be locked during the command. You can…
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    If you have enabled binary logging for the point-in-time recovery (or using replication in your environment) option and forgot to purge it then it may eat up memory in no time, so to “purge” binary logs from production server follow the steps(depending upon your environment) List the current binary logs…
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    Running and Shutting down MySQL Server: First check if your MySQL server is running or not. You can use the following command to check this: ps -ef | grep mysqld If your MySql is running, then you will see mysqld process listed out in your result. If server is not…
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      In the backup script the views are first created as tables which are then dropped at the end of the script as each view is being created, so it seems that an error occurs while creating the views at the end of the script. However when a view is…
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