Linux Tutorial

Linux Tutorial

Welcome to the Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial

so you want to learn how to use the Bash command line interface (terminal) on Unix/Linux. Or, it’s part of a subject you’re doing and so you’re learning it because you have to. Either way, that’s great. You’re learning how to use a powerful tool that can make your life easier, and make you awesome (more so than I’m sure you already are) .

Complete tutorial will cover the below things:-

  • Installation – Installation of different flavor of Linux
  • Un installation  –
  • The Command Line – What is it, how does it work and how do I get to one.
  • Basic Navigation – An introduction to the Linux directory system and how to get around it.
  • More About Files – Find out some interesting characteristics of files and directories in a Linux environment.
  • Manual Pages – Learn how to make the most of the Linux commands you are learning.
  • File Manipulation – How to make, remove, rename, copy and move files and directories.
  • Vi Text Editor – Discover a powerful Linux based text editor.
  • Wildcards – Also referred to as globing, this is a means to refer to several files in one go.
  • Permissions – Learn to identify and change the permissions of files and directories and what the consequences of these are.
  • Filters – An introduction to various commands that allow us to mangle data in interesting and useful ways.
  • Grep and Regular Expressions – Master a powerful pattern matching language that is useful for analyzing and processing data.
  • Piping and Redirection – Join commands together in powerful combinations.
  • Process Management – See what is currently running on your Linux system and what state the system is in, learn how to kill programs that have hung and put jobs in the background.
  • Scripting – Be happy. Get the computer to do tedious and repetitive tasks for you.
  • Cheat Sheet – A quick reference for the main points covered in this tutorial.
  • Administration  
  • Memory Management
  • Networking
  • Email System
  • File System and File Management
  • Utilities


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